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Current Legislation Impacting Sex Workers

1. San Francisco Commission on The Status of Women Proposed Legislation Regulating Adult Theaters
• Click here to look at
quotes from the draft ordinance
• Draft legislation http://www.whorecollege.org/badlegislation/SFDancerLeg6-28-06.pdf
• Discussion
Further Comments about SFCOSW Dancer Legislation 6-28-06
Op-Ed by Carol Leigh from San Francisco Bay Guardian 9-6-08

2. 'End Demand' Legislation: Human and Civil Rights Campaign to Oppose New Federal Anti-Prostitution Law

3. Trafficking Policy Research Project

4. Bush Administration Demands Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath

5. Critiques of Swedish Prostitution Law

6. SWOP Campaign to Decriminalize Prostitution &  Berkeley Initiative to Decriminalize Prostitution