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Dean of Academic Studies:
Carol Leigh

Unrepentant Whore:
Collected Works of Scarlot Harlot


Whore College May 2005
in conjunction with San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival

Whore College was a day of classes for sex workers and our communities in May of 2005 during the San Francisco Sex Worker Festival. Each class was $20, and $40/ All day Pass.Our evening class, DIY webcam, is $30.00 . Partial scholarships were available for sex workers

11 AM Sex Worker Well-Being
Occupational health and safety issues for sex workers.

* Sex Worker Stretch

Instructor:  Frog (see Frog's bio at art exhibit page)

* Safer Oral Sex Techniques
Instructor: Headmistress, Kimberly Cline

* "Six Herbs That Can Cure Anything" with a focus on genital health.
Instructor: Kim X is a working prostitute, political activist, poet, mother, herbalist, and parenting educator.

* Spiritual Tools

Instructor: Aphrodesia

* San Francisco Resources for Sex Workers
The Bay Area has many sex worker groups and resources for men, women and transgender people, including support groups, sex worker rights organizations, the St. James Infirmary, health and other resource agencies and clinics, therapists, attorneys, etc.

Instructor: Scarlot Harlot has been collecting information about Bay Area services for sex workers since the early 80s. She is webmistress of bayswan.org and director of the SF Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival.

1 PM Self-Defense
Fun, interactive self-defense workshop. Learn practical ways to keep yourself safe at work and in daily life. Share safety skills in a supportive environment. We will discuss safety and prevention, learn physical self-defense techniques, and do boundary roleplays.
Instructor: Yalith Fonfa

2 PM Discussion and Panel: Beauty Standards and Sex Work
Are you beautiful? As sex workers many of us overcome, seek to expand and ultimately capitalize on 'beauty.' What can we teach each other and society about these standards as we work towards a healthier society and prosperous business?
Moderator: Sadie Lune

3:30 PM "The Business"
 This workshop examines various facets of erotic service businesses in the Bay Area, focusing on issues for sole proprietors.

Marketing Sex Work
Discussion of local advertising venues, ad content, web advertising and more.
Instructor: Fabulous has been a sex worker in the Bay Area for over five years.

Legal Issues
What is legal and what is not? What can you do when, and if, you are arrested?
Instructor: Attorney TBA.

Training in the Bay Area: Advanced Courses in Sexuality and Erotic Touch
Presenters include representative from Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, as well as graduates, Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D, Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.
Give Your Sex Business a Make Over
Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.--Author of "Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular Sex--Make Over Your Love Life" (Penguin Pub.).
Are you tired of your sex work job as it is now? Want to stay in "the biz," but on your own terms? Need a change? Consider a sex business make over! Annie Sprinkle, who successfully made over her own sex work career a good dozen times, will give you tips, guidance and encouragement. She will also share the findings of her dissertation research with you- "Providing Education Opportunities for Sex Workers."

7:30 PM DIY Webcam
This class requires a separate fee of $30.00 (scholarships available)
Melissa Gira has been webcasting with her cams since 2000, and can orient you to the creative and potentially lucrative possibilities of the digital erotic. Whether you want to broadcast your bedroom 24/7 to a lucky membership-based audience, or craft intricate and raunchy sexual performances for the paying masses, this workshop will give you the practical tech and biz tools you crave. Melissa will cover the creation of a cam performer from the ground-up, from website development to web-ready costuming, from networking with sex businesses to networking your studio, from financing your project to finessing tech support, from balancing the books to balancing your work and your self.

Presenter Bio
Melissa Gira began webcasting with her shaktiCam in 2000, as part of her performance project, beautifultoxin, as well as in collaborations with filmmaker and digital artist, Kristie Alshaibi (Artvamp). Her work has ranged from running multiple 24/7 webcams to offering pay-for-play shows on her own sites and on one of the first woman-owned and operated indie cam sites, nakkidnerds. She is profiled in the upcoming book, "Camgirls: Webcams, LiveJournals and the Personal as Political in the age of the global brand" (Dr. Theresa M. Senft). Melissa's essay on webcam performance appears in Disinfo's "Generation Hex." You can view her live cam and five years of webcam archives at beautifultoxin.net. For more about her work, visit sacredwhore.org.



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